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Talking to one another is loving one another! ~Kenyan Proverb


Melanated Conversations stimulate conversations among family and friends. The over 100 conversation starters range from fun, easy-going, and laugh-out-loud to more serious issues around race relations and self-worth. It is designed with the goal to get loved ones communicating about things that matter while building bonds.


Note: The Social Action Box is a great companion to Melanated Conversations.

Melanated Conversations: Family Edition

SKU: 860008930965
    • The Fun, Easy-Going, Laugh-Out-Loud, And Serious Card Game Rolled Into One
    • Assists with difficult conversations on race, emotions, growing up, and difficult situations. It gets loved ones talking about things that matter.
    • The conversation starters open the door to developing an understanding of how others feel 
    • Four Topics: Melanated Fun; Let’s Get Real; Hot Topics; Historical Themes
    • Multiple Ways To Play: Choose A Topic; Take It Day By Day; Get Moving and Promote Exercise; Focus on Healing; Tackle Tough Topics; Develop A Deeper Emotional Understanding; Look Towards The Future
    • 100 Cards; Shrink-wrapped In A Custom Box
    • Designed For Adults and Kids | Everyone Will Enjoy | Can be used anywhere: family gatherings, road trips, dinner, family meetings
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