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About Us

Our Business

Melanated Mindz is a 100% black and female owned business. After searching tirelessly for school supplies and resources that positively represented Black culture and turning up with very little, Melanated Mindz was created. The owner wants to create an environment where kids and young adults of color see and embrace positive images of one’s culture in order to understand that all goals are attainable.

Through the work of creating school resources, the owner realized that another need still existed. The need to educate children about themselves and their history while developing social skills and propelling the movement forward. Understanding the struggles, civil unrest, and social injustice that people of color endure, Melanated Mindz provides resources to promote critical conversations and develop future leaders.

Melanated Mindz continues to evolve with the ultimate goal of being the business for everything a Black youth needs to feel empowered and encouraged. The business’s intent is to continue to provide positive portrayals of Melanin Magic while educating and uplifting. The children are the future, but it is up to us to ensure they have the resources and knowledge needed.

Our Values

Positive Representation

  • Every child deserves to see his or her culture portrayed favorably.


Changing the Narrative

  • Our history, worth, and story does not begin with slavery nor does slavery define us. The negative images reflected in mass media is not a true representation of us and our capabilities. We need to own and convey our true story.


Breaking Barriers

  • We are innovators! We have paved the way for many advances throughout the world, and we will continue to do so. We will continue to push beyond systemic barriers to live out our destiny as future scientists, engineers, technicians, teachers, doctors, lawyers, pharmacists...the list is endless!

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Our Products

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Our products are designed with the intention of increasing pride and self-worth in oneself and in one’s melanated skin. The product lines are strategically planned and developed to help ensure everyone feels empowered, connected and valued. The products:

  • Celebrates culture

  • Promotes knowledge

  • Establishes long-term goals

  • Highlights learning has a purpose

  • Encourages strength

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