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Our Why


Misconceptions about race in the media lead to extreme consequences for people of color. Therefore, it is essential to expose the truth and change the narrative. It is now time to end the practices of misrepresenting and stereotyping people of color. The Black population is not what is portrayed in mainstream media, and our kids need to know and understand that. Our kids need to not only see themselves represented, but they need constant and ongoing positive images and affirmations of people who look like them and by people who look like them. Education is the most powerful tool to change the world. Thus, we must provide the appropriate educational resources that allow children of color to learn and grow through a lens reflective of them and their true value. Together, we can give our kids what they need and motivate them to be the Kings and Queens they are destined to become.


#Facts #LetsPromote #LetsChangeTheNarrative


Affirmation 1: We are smart, educated, and determined!

  • 36% of Black young adults enrolled in college in 2017. This is in line with the national average of 40%.1

  • 20% of all African-American college graduates and 25% of the African-Americans in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) field received their degree from a Historically Black College or University (HBCU).2

Affirmation 2: We are trailblazers!

  • 81% of Black families are above the poverty level.3

  • Black men in middle class rose from 38% in 1960 to 57% today.4

Affirmation 3: Black fathers are present!

  • Black fathers are more involved in parenting their child.5

  • 67% of Black dads who do not live with their kids see them at least once a month.6

Affirmation 4: We are not behavioral problems! We are not criminals! We matter!


  • Black students are far less likely to commit violent crimes such as shootings in school.7

  • Black arrests are significantly lower than our peers and what is portrayed in media. 8

So family, let’s continue to use our Melanated Mindz to blaze new trails, break barriers, and



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