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“Sak vid pa kanp.”

“The empty bag doesn’t stand.”

~ Haitian Proverb


If you fill a bag with something flimsy or with nothing at all, then the bag will not stand up for long. However, if you fill a bag with something of substance and sturdy, then a bag will stand indefinitely. This bag represents one that will stand the test of time because it represents the Haitian female. Strong, resilient, smart, and beautiful; the Haitian female will continue to stand proud and determined. #ChangingtheNarrative


The spacious inner and outer compartments allow for multifunctional use. The inside zipper mesh compartment helps to maintain organization by holding pens, pencils, USB devices, keys, and many other daily necessities. The inside compartment provides the standard use of a backpack while also providing the protection needed for 11’’, 13’’, and 14’’ laptops. If that is not enough space, there are two side pockets and one back pocket that allow for additional storage. The polyester fabric and metal zippers ensure long-lasting use with the necessary comfort and adjustable for people of any age.

Educated Haitian Female

SKU: 10000251772
  •  ❤️ Represent Culture | Show pride for the culture and represent! We do this “For the Culture” to show that we are capable of accomplishing anything…we are our ancestors' wildest dreams! Haitian Pride!

    ✨Multi Use | This backpack is universal and can be used for anything: school, hiking, outings, traveling, shopping, going out…anything you can think of doing.

    🎁 Great Gift I No matter the occasion, you are covered!!! Great gift for a birthday, holiday, or back to school.

    ✔️ Durable | This school bag is versatile and serves many purposes including doubling as a laptop bag. The polyester bag is built to sustain and last.

    🗂️ Organized | The book bag is 18.5 x 11.4 x 5.9 inches and has seven inner compartments. One compartment is designed to securely carry laptops. The other compartments allow one to organize material for easy access and includes a school supply holder (e.g. pencils, pens, erasers, pencil sharpeners, etc.). There are two water bottle compartments on the side and a back pocket to store additional items. The straps are height adjustable for comfort.

    👧🏾 Special Features | Lightweight, Fun, Represents Culture, Provides Representation, Black Girl Magic, Promotes Goal Setting

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