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From their head to their toes, beautiful Black and Brown children deserve to know just how amazing they are! Join "ABC Affirmations About Me" as Wiz, Juju, Peanut, Dalilah, and Kam of Tribe X! explores the extraordinary depths of their truest authentic selves, from A to Z! As the leading book in a series of educational character-building adventures, "ABC Affirmations About Me" outlines each letter of the alphabet with positive affirmations in a rhythmic style to help young African American and other minority children engage and retain words that are stepping stones to positive self-identity measures. As an instructive tool for caregivers and educators, each letter not only adds to children’s vocabulary bank, but also shows them how to transform the words into behaviors and character traits through vibrant illustrations by D. Artistic Touch. Further elaboration of each letter leaves endless possibilities for circle time discussions, weekly themes, and more! ABC Affirmations About Me is sure to leave your entire family excited to showcase their best selves and speak positivity into their daily routines!

ABC Affirmations About Me

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