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MAKE LEARNING FUN: These alphabet flash cards are a great way to make learning fun! Kids can playfully learn letters and letter sounds while also working on listening and memorization skills. 


MAKE LEARNING EASY: As children have fun enjoying the cards, they will learn about their culture and how to connect letter sounds with objects (example: A is for Africa). In addition, letter cards can be placed side-by-side to start working on word recognition, spelling, pre-reading. 


MULTI-USE: The enjoyable flash cards are great for school, home, and homeschool to reinforce learning.


RESEARCH-BASED: Research shows that practice helps students to retain as they learn and grow. 


BENEFITS OF PLAY: The ability to bring fun into learning helps students learn and retain the information. Research shows that students are more willing to participate and take risks when activities are fun and engaging.  


PREPARATION: Let us help you prepare your children for life! Education is the foundation and knowing a sense of self and the strength of one’s history builds confidence. We are proud to help you build that foundation.

Melanated Alphabet Flash Cards

SKU: 860008930972
  • 26 flash cards


    One (1) instruction card


    For ages 18 months to 7


    3.5” x 5.0” cards 


    Helps develop foundational skills of letters, letter sounds, and word recognition


    Introduces content related to the Black experience


    Each card has big, bold letters with cute illustrations that represent the culture and help to associate letters with objects


    Develop speed, accuracy, and confidence


    Portable and perfect for on-the-go learning!

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