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We show pride for the culture and represent!


We do this “For the Culture” to show that we are capable of accomplishing anything…we are our ancestors' wildest dreams!

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Representation Matters!

According to Psychology Today, if people of color do not see themselves in certain arenas, they believe that those avenues are not meant for them. However, we have shown that we are trailblazers and have paved the way across many industries. Therefore, it is essential that children of color see this message early on and constantly.

Finishing what our ancestors started!


Our ancestors paved the way for us. Now, we must ensure that the next generation is prepared to continue carrying that torch until we truly reach equality for all.

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Books Matter!

Culturally relevant books give children the opportunity to connect with characters and events that relate to them. Studies show that reading culturally relevant books improves comprehension. We want to ensure our young Kings and Queens are equipped with the right material to learn and grow.

Keeping the Learning Alive!

Alphabet and numbers flash cards help develop foundational skills while introducing content related to the Black experience.

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